Tuesday, June 30, 2009

updates :

Been a busy last few days, a lot of it spent with new work for the San Diego Comic-Con at the end of July. If you're out that way I hope you'll stop by because Justin and I will have a lot of cool stuff there. I'm not sure of our booth number yet but once I get that I'll pass it along.

I'm trying to juggle client work and coming up with several new pieces in time for the convention. There's a lot to do on all fronts, that and I wrecked a watercolor last night that I thought was fool-proof. Well I fooled it up alright, it's laying over in the corner now. But tonight is a new night isn't it?

I've been excited putting together my 2009 sketchbook, Princesses, Monsters, and Things That Fly -- It's been a lot of fun pulling together work from months ago and some entirely new pieces for the book.

We've also got a few little surprises for SDCC this summer, I've got several new pieces in the works that I'm doing specifically for SDCC -- some original watercolors that I'm bringing to the show.

Also, I'm nearing completion on my Hobbit inspired illustration :


* * *

And a big thank you to those of you who have bought some of the original drawings from Grimm and Other Folk Tales! There aren't too many left but my favorite is still there.

Thanks again, everyone.

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Keith Zoo said...

wow! This piece is coming along so nice! You gonna put this one on your Etsy too?? ;)