Wednesday, July 01, 2009

August commission

Recently I was commissioned to do (what I believe) is my first true portrait.

Burgin Streetman has a blog called Vintage Childrens Books My Kid Loves, a wonderful collection of (imagine this) vintage childrens books.

She commissioned me to do a portrait of her son August. Over the next couple days I'll post the steps in the process, posting the final painting on Friday.

* * *

First off, Burgin liked my Red coat painting and she was interested in commissioning the portrait of August with that piece in mind.

I started with my traditional blue pencil under-drawing, just quickly figuring my proportions.

From there I simply finished the drawing.

Next post : the painting


Jordie Bellaire said...

The pencils look beautiful, Cory.

Cory said...

Thanks Jordie!

will said...

Wow, this is really good - the 1800's clothing is a nice touch.
I would love to learn to do portraiture, especially oils.
And what a cool paisley print background in #2!!