Monday, July 20, 2009

All my new works for San Diego Comic-Con 2009

In the words of my associate Justin Gerard, with regards to our new Comic-Con prints and originals, "we will be selling them like it is our duty to mankind at the convention. Catch the action in San Diego. Booth #1032."

With the might and vigor and gleaming idealism of performing my duty to mankind, I present for your enjoyment a complete post encapsulating every last item you may expect to encounter (from my work at least) at our booth.



I don't have photographs of the framed pieces (we're going to have them framed once we get out there) but I do have some quick snapshots of the original watercolors and drawings I'll have.






We've got prints; some old favorites and several new pieces created specifically for SDCC 2009. We'll have two print books at our booth (each print book is identical) for people to peruse the collection. Following is a tour of my prints, the Grimm prints I haven't posted the original piece with as those are more familiar.

My prints are a mixed of matted 8x10s and un-matted 11x17s. As usual, the matted 8x10s will be $20 and the un-matted 11x17s will be $25.






"Princesses, Monsters, and things that fly"
Sketchbook 2009

This might be what I'm most proud of to bring to San Diego, my 2009 sketchbook. In a way, it's not really a sketchbook, at least not just a sketchbook but I'm not sure what else to call it. It's a collection of over 40 pages including pages from my personal sketchbook, finished drawings, some doodles, a few drawings from my Grimm show, a few spreads from Walters, and even a couple finished painted pieces -- prints, really. Simply put, it's full of princesses, monsters (dragons and trolls), and things that fly.

It's a joy to see completed; it's full color, heavy and feels really great in your hands. Below you'll see photographs of the cover and of just a few of the spreads.


ticket : mini-prints edition

Ticket, my first book, turned out to be a great success last year at Comic-Con. We've since sold out and it's no longer in print. A while back I decided to make the original watercolors of the book available online and within minutes we'd sold the entire collection.

It's a simple story, told wordlessly, of a girl traveling through "many curious events."
Ticket is a story in pictures and a collection of all things Cory loves to draw. From windmills flying above grassy hills to massive birds landing in Grecian vineyards, Ticket follows the story of a girl, her hat, and the curious events which transpire.

For Comic-Con I'll debut ticket : mini-prints edition. They look like little gems, I'm so pleased to see them all together again. The printing is wonderful and sharp.

Every spread from the original 27 page book is reproduced. That makes 15 mini-prints including the cover, 3.5" x 5.5" shrink wrapped, and each set includes an original sketch. Each sketch is unique. You can see just a few examples below of you can expect to find.

* * *

Also at the booth I'll be doing little watercolors. I haven't decided on a theme yet so if any come to mind please feel free to comment them!

* * *

That pretty much sums up what I'll be bringing. I hope to see you there! Anybody else making the trek out west?


Rivka said...

Some "gaslight romance" (a derivative of steampunk) drawings could be most interesting.

Jarren Williams. said...

oh man I want one of those originals sooo bad. Wish I was going to SDCC but it's close to finals week for the summer semester can't travel now but I'm ready to buy...

Cory said...

That's a good idea Rivka! I'll keep it in mind.

Jarren, whatever doesn't sell out there will be up on my store when I get back. Thanks man!

Ben Hatke said...

Wow, Cory. Top notch, all of it.

Goodness gracious.

Gwendolyn said...

Oh Cory...I never cease to be proud of you.

koelle said...

holy shee-ott cory! an inundation of glory. when you get back the missus and i will need to peruse the collection for some purchases... excellently done, all of it...

Anonymous said...

Could go on and on. . .but one word sums it up. . .wonderful!

Good luck. . .but then you won't need it.

Niina A. said...

Wow everything looks amazing!! I am sad that I love nowhere near America to take delight in person