Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Here's a few shots of our time in San Diego exhibiting at Comic-Con 2009. Enjoy!

The Pacific!

I did a few original watercolors to pass the time at the booth.
I painted gnomes. I'll post the finals tomorrow.

Got to hang out with Max for a bit.

I did a few drawings for people in sketchbooks.


And naturally, I got my picture with a Mexican wrestler.

Me: "Thanks!"
Matt Silver : "So what's your day job?"

Mexican Wrestler : "My day job is ... I'm a mad scientist."


Jordie Bellaire said...

Just laughed myself into oblivion over Silver's question and Wrestlers answer.

Rivka said...

Dang, that guy looks too buff to be a mad scientist. But I guess you have to be strong if you're going to try to control your monstrous creations.

RAWLS said...

ahahaha... a mad mexican wrestling scientist! That's a pitch for a tv show for sure.

Sara W.E. said...

I'm glad the 'Max' picture turned out well:) It was great meeting you and seeing your amazing artwork. Tony and I are enjoying sharing our office with Daga and the Trolls. Roar! -Sara/Max