Wednesday, August 19, 2009

painting in oils - 2

This next stage I added the Titanium White highlights. I was really stuck by how enjoyable this was. I was extra careful, probably over cautious applying the paint but it still worked out pretty close to how I was hoping.

Highlights; painterly and literal.


I "drew" in a little more hair with the paint to balance it some more.

The best part was the little ruffle below the neck, I thought, "I wonder what this will look like if it was all white." I painted it, it looked terrible, I wiped it clean. It felt like I just did a card trick where I threw 52 cards into the air and they all fell neatly into my cupped hands, I clapped and they vanished. Somehow the simplest things are lacking in my education and understanding of oils. I mean, of course, if you let something dry completely you can work over it and if it doesn't work you can wipe it out. But to actually see it? Abra-freaking-cadabra.

I'm told the key at this stage is opaque highlights, transparent shadows.

Next post : The first color glaze, RED


Dik Pose said...

Painting in oils!??! You, my friend, are living the life!

Cory said...

Dude, and this is my theme song :