Thursday, August 20, 2009

painting in oils - 3

Here we are at stage 3, the first glaze of red. It went ok. It pushed the highlights back more than I thought it would but I'll be refining the painting at the end so that's fine. I'm still being overly cautious at this point.

Next post : I went crazy and blued up my shadows, glazed the whole thing blue. Prussian blue to the rescue! (or doom) remains to be seen.

*** Next post coming later this afternoon; Caution -- I throw it.


Connie said...

This process seems the perfect illustration for 'caution'; why not throw it to the winds?!

RobArt said...

Interesting process. I've never used glazes. I'm itching to try it now!

Yuri said...

your art is really beautiful...and I like the name of your blog ^^