Monday, November 02, 2009

"It's dangerous to go alone."

Above all other games, I most love The Legend of Zelda series.

I think in many ways, Zelda, in all of it's various iterations, is the perfect game.

Maybe perfect isn't the right word but to me it exemplifies what gaming can create at it's best.


Terry said...

Great work! Thanks for sharing.

Brade said...

The more I consider "A Link to the Past," the more I'm willing to label it "perfect."

Right now I own the Wii Zelda game, but no Wii yet. Perhaps I need to correct that this week...

Cory said...

thanks Terry!

Brade, No kidding, it very well could be the greatest of the lot.

I got Twilight Princess for Christmas from my sister last year but I haven't been able to open it yet. I rushed through The Wind Waker (which was arguably as good as Ocarina of Time, I thoroughly enjoyed it) but since I was obliged to squeeze it in 30 minute/hour long sessions, I didn't enjoy it as much as the total immersion of Ocarina I had when school and work didn't matter like in high school.

I'm looking forward to blocking out an entire week for TP. At some point. In the distant future.

It just doesn't work to play them in too short blocks of time, and that's all I have right now (and for the past year)

You need hours long stretches to truly get in them.

Josh said...

Love it, Cory. I appreciate you taste in games:) TP is a great game and I enjoyed it every bit as much as OoT and WW. You're in for a treat (whenever you find time to enjoy it).

Hope all is well,

Patrick J. McQuade said...

Agreed, Wind Waker and Link to the Past are the best. Loved the Mirror that brought you to the land of those Cyclops. WW-I loved just sailing around on the Red Lion. Never finished Twilight - got near the end, then got busy with work. Forgot what i had to get, the secret ways, the armor, etc... Argh! Maybe this winter... Anyway, cool Link!

Jake Wyatt said...

You are right on that. And Link has never been more adorable.