Friday, April 02, 2010

Victorian Gentleman Dragon

I've got a big deadline (due today) that I've been working toward so I haven't made much more progress on that Alice test piece from the previous two posts.

Instead for today here's a quick photoshop piece that I did the other night. I don't know if you've seen but a friend of mine Bobby Chiu does these great interviews and giveaways. The theme was "Goth Dragon." I don't have too much interest in goth but Victorian, that's practically the forebear of goth right? So I did a Victorian dragon.

Monday I'll have the completed Alice piece to post. It's progressed more since the last post on Wednesday but I don't think enough to warrant it's own post.

Also, April marks the month that I am going to begin my Alice pieces for my next personal project. 14 pieces, 12 chapter illustrations + a prologue and epilogue.

I should be able to start these up this next week.


Will Kelly said...

Very cool idea. The swirling cigarette smoke really adds to the opulence!
I too have been dabbling in the Victorian lately, especially Victorian bionic surgery. I've got pictures on my blog if you want to check it out.

JaJitsu said...

can't wait for the alice pieces. i love you work!

Sara Lynn said...

I love the concept for the dragon, and it is painted beautifully. I love the texture to it. Very nice geometry, too. It reminds me of 50s animations.