Friday, May 07, 2010

Alice, complete color studies

Here's the complete collection of all the color studies. I'm pretty pleased overall with how they look together. This helps me to get all my ideas in order and see how they flow.

Monday begins the real deal, the final drawings. And I'll be back to my standard M/W/F posting schedule but not before ---

Tomorrow! A special, weekend edition guest post; a comic drawn by someone who has always lived in my shadow!

See you then!


Ben said...

These look fantastic, Cory!
The colour range is really nice. Looking forward to the next step!

Nat said...

They look great as a series too... Can't wait to get my hands on a nicely printed book with these on them...

Jason Caffoe said...

Nice dude!

The only one that sticks out to me in the sequence is the cheshire cat. It might be worth pushing the green a little bluer/cooler to help it mesh with the other pieces.

Either way these look amazing and I can't wait to see the finish.