Monday, June 21, 2010

Alice, final drawing 5/14

Note : I am posting the progression of these Alice pieces, start to finish. This stage is the final drawing.

"The Puppy and the Thistle"

Next post, Monday : "The Caterpillar"


Nat said...

Wow, I am really enjoying following these progressions... Very inspiring for someone like me (not an artist by a long stretch), I get to the rough sketches and never seem to get anywhere from there. The progression makes me believe I might have a bit of hope making some sketches.

Sadami said...

Dear Cory,
I love your sensitive work...
Thank you for sharing these wonderful work.
Kind regards,

Cory said...

Hey Nat, I really appreciate that. The people I've most admired were the ones who made this kind of work feel accessible like, finally, yes, I CAN make this work. Thanks very much.

Sadami, thanks man!

jmanu said...

great feeling and composition,love this painting