Monday, August 02, 2010

The spoils of SDCC 2010

I don't usually pick up too much stuff at conventions, I know that sounds crazy, that's what these things are for but there's a couple reasons -- one, I rather to get gifts for other people and two, I never seem to have enough room to bring stuff back, so like prints and posters I don't want to get smashed on the plane so I just don't bother. These conventions are more about making friends, seeing old friends, and project connections for me anyway so the things side of it doesn't play quite as much. Books however, are easy to drag around so I every year I usually get a few. This year I picked up Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel and I finally got around to getting Jake's Missle Mouse. Both were terrific and I highly recommend them. I also got a few other things --

Here follows an account of the spoils of SDCC 2010. Most things I picked up were gifts, either from me or to me. Enjoy.


Will Kelly said...

Isn't Missle Mouse the coolest? And there is a book 2 coming out soon too I hear! I want to try to pick up a copy of Flight this weekend... I'm eager to read your new one (and Justin's!).

Ruth said...

Totoro! Totoro! Totoro! <3

Hey those books look goooooood....