Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm a collector at heart. I love putting things on shelves and seeing them arranged. I'm certainly not in line with a minimalist design philosophy. I also rarely get rid of things.

Unfortunately for me (though probably fortunately for the sanity of my wife) years back I participated in a giant yard sale. That's crazy you may think, that doesn't sound like you at all. You'd be right, except for the fact that this yard sale fell in that narrow window of time in my youth when $50 meant more to me than lots of small objects. As a result I no longer have most of my childhood toys or any thing like that.

No big loss you might think, and you may be right. Even so there are certain sounds, objects, and colors that can (to steal the phrase from a friend) "strike the tuning fork of my childhood." I think it's important not to lose those things, if not the actual object then at least the memories attached to them.

There are a few pieces that somehow dodged this purge and I present them for your consideration today.

In the beginning of the new year my wife and I overhauled my working space. She really did a number on it and as a result I have a much better way to display all of my things, let alone work. I'll post more on this transformation in the coming days.

So, all that to say, here's some my stuff that's not stuff I drew. I hope you will enjoy.


Charlie Chang said...


Anonymous said...

I regularly have to dust off my husbands toys in his work space too!? that's not a double entendre!! Loving the work by the way :)

Will Kelly said...

Hey, I have a miniature X-Wing just like yours! Why do the lasers on the wings always droop like that?

I am really digging your new workspace... totally made for doing awesome stuff. Do you usually draw things on flat surfaces, or do you have an angled drawing board?

Brade said...

I totally own that same Rock Lord :D
although he is currently housed in a random tote at my mom's house.

My favorite item from your array is definitely the Shy Guy.