Monday, January 31, 2011

Old Mother Troll 1/3

Old Mother Troll.

This week I'm going to be bringing you the stages of the making of this piece with my usual M/W/F posts.

There are a couple specific things that excite me about this picture one of them being I'm not sure I could have done it this time last year. In many ways I feel like I spent 2010 level-grinding and I'm just now starting to see the benefits.



Jez Tuya said...

Dang Cory! WOW! Just WOW!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...this is beautiful!

Joe Hox said...

I like your style because it holds together. This piece glows.

Mike Bonsteel said...

Agreeing with Joe Hox, very cohesive.

It fires the imagination, as if telling an entire story in one image. I like the multiple layers of themes/plots. Amazing how vivid it is.

+30 EXP! Received elixir of artistry!

Connor Relf said...

I like it, looks like a mystic from the dark crystall