Monday, February 21, 2011

old man troll pt.5 - final

We've arrived at the final, digitally finished piece. For the most part I used Photoshop exactly the way it was intended, as a color adjustment tool rather than a painting tool.

My next step with this piece is going to be using the finished watercolor painting as an under-painting, varnish, and then keeping my digital stage in mind (as an exploration) go to an oil finished piece. This'll be a little while off, I've got several deadlines right at the end of the month here but I'll be back to it as soon as a I can.

* * *

Speaking of deadlines and projects, I've got a cool one involving "bit and run" in the works for March 1. No, it's not Volume Three but I do think you'll enjoy it. I'll be certain to post more in a week.


Jez Tuya said...

these process shots are fantastic, Cory! Love the colors too

Mike Bonsteel said...

Great coloring on Mr. Troll.

Also, hooray for anything bit and run!