Monday, February 07, 2011

snow globe

My friend Seb has put together a tribute for 20th anniversary of Edwards Scissorhands over at the appropriately named Scissorhands 20th blog.

Here is my piece for it. I watched Edwards Scissorhands again (twice) while I was working on it and I'm always struck by how much I like that movie. Every last part of it is great, from the music to the design to the story itself, I love it.

Next post, Wednesday. The planning stages and final execution of the piece.


Anonymous said...

Great! I love all your work. Also, I'm very grateful for all the tutorials on Photoshop Experiment, they really helped me a great deal! Thnx, and best wishes

Seb Mesnard said...

Thank you so much Cory ;)

irn (irene fornari) said...

ehi complimenti!

il tuo blog รจ bellissimo e fonte d'ispirazione!

riv. said...

I'm a fan!! I just posted a picture of your Beauty and the Beast on my blog- TAK.riv-

keep up the amazing art!