Friday, February 04, 2011

Old Mother Troll 3/3

Here are the final stages of this piece.

Old Mother Troll 1/3

* * *

I gave a the drawing one coat of spray fixative to help keep the pencil in place.

From there I painted. Surprisingly, following the exact wording of the spray fix directions worked perfect. I usually have to deal with some pencil bleeding but I decided to just do it exactly like the can says it was perfect. Pencil didn't move or float at all.

* * *

I have white florescent lights on my desk and they wash out the color in the photographs, the scan (below) is truer to the actual painting.

* * *

From there I began my usual working method of finishing the piece digitally.

* * *

All in all this was a test. A test to see how I might work in oil. I treated the digital stage almost like a test ground for what I will do with the oil. Unfortunately for my curiosity, my deadlines and projects have resumed a more regular, hectic schedule so this test has been put on hold for the time being. I did some similar experiments back during my Alice show, the most successful being the Prologue piece and the Dodo. Basically it's a matter of taking a drawing or watercolor and varnishing it and a variety of other dark magics and then it's ready to paint in oil. So with this working method the digital stage functions as a figuring out stage and I'll then implement them into the more controllable oil arena for the final, final.

Next post, Monday. Scissorhands!


Sadami said...

Dear Cory,
Awesome!! Astonighing! Thank you for sharing the process.
Kind regards, Sadami

Will Terry said...

Corey - This is one of my new favorites of yours. I'm a sucker for dramatic lighting and you got me with this one. Great storytelling! Wonderful piece!

Eugenia Gina said...

this is awesomeee! but truly I like the true scanning version more, it is so warm and colour rich :)