Monday, January 09, 2012

New year

It has been a wild last few months.

Between getting to work on Labyrinth and recently being invited to the UN, and getting to do a cover (about) one of my all time favorite books, 2012 is off to pretty great start. I'll cover more about those in upcoming posts but my goal here is to resume the M/W/F blog schedule. It's not easy, particularly when there's so much going on but still. I've abandoned my poor blog long enough.

* * *

I always enjoy doing book covers. I don't get to do them often enough for my liking. I love getting to do a one-off piece form time to time. This is a look at a cover for an upcoming book about The Hobbit. You'll have to wait to see the full cover when it's release but here's a peek:


Unknown said...

Labyrinth AND The Hobbit?! I can not wait! Please keep us up to date as often as you can.

Gillibean said...


Fernando Lopez said...


I love it!! This is going to be a must have!

Looking forward to seeing more. Only a book cover? It would be amazing a entire "The Hobbit" illustrated by you!

Kind regards. ^_^