Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Digital Forest pt. II

The art request must have been written with me in mind: a forest, at night, roots, interconnected tree limbs, animals, stars, fireflies, and a small group of figures admiring it all.

I really enjoyed my time on this piece. For this second post we'll walk through the conceptual stage. I did a few variations of the art request. I'm a little envious of those people who do a zillion thumbnails to find their piece. It must be nice to think of a lot of different things. I tend to see it quickly and get the idea down or I just struggle with it for a while, nudging the elements around in my mind until I arrive. Usually though, I'll hear a request and immediately see it. 

The three options.

The refined thumbnail. B.

I liked C. a lot because I would have gotten to do more trees but B. ended up being the best choice because I'd get to do larger, more involved figures (and trees) which is ultimately my favorite thing to do. I love organic shapes and human (or human-like) figures.

So this was approved and I moved on to making all the elements. Working along the lines of the Zune commercial meant working (mostly) all digitally and I started to put together the pieces.

Le Cadeau du Temps for Microsoft Zune.

Next time, Friday, we'll take a look at finishing the piece.


Katie said...

touching video! and very beautiful.

Celtic Traveler said...

May I just say, I love this video.I've watched at least three times in one day.