Friday, June 15, 2012

Digital Forest pt. III [final]

Here's a look at the steps of completing this illustration. To see the thumbnails and original idea, visit the previous post.

The figure silhouettes.

Watercolored, knocked out and layered trees to play with.
Arranging the forest.
Most of the elements added.
Playing with the colors.

The final.

* * * 
Above. Owl and squirrels are probably best friends.
That's me in the hat with the backpack.
Sort of. Not really. A little. Never mind.

The finished spread.


Like I mentioned previously, I don't often get to do just single, one off illustrations so it's always extra enjoyable when I'm asked. I enjoy pouring everything into one image.

I had a really great time on this one.


Aleksandra Chabros (aka Adelaida) said...

I have never seen this technique of creating illustrations before - thank you so much for sharing it with us! I feel somehow smarter now :)

Solstice said...

Very interesting tutorial.
Now I want to draw forests full of squirrels and owls. Thank you.

Ryan O'Connor said...

Hey thanks for sharing. Pretty cool. It's a shame though I like the image above "Most of the elements added" the most. The reason is because of the dramatic lighting. It really highlights the subject matter. You need to be careful not to mess your values up when you tweak colors. Good luck!