Wednesday, April 07, 2010

alice 3

Ok, so we're getting close to wrapping this little experiment up. It's been an enjoyable method to play with and I can see doing more with it in the future. The color is just a touch richer in the original, in these photographs the paint was still wet and shiny.

My goal is to have this complete by Friday's post, I think that's pretty doable. The next few steps are to paint in the lighter squares with white gouache and a few more over all washes.

previous alice posts :

alice 1 - drawing

alice 2 - first washes

And this is the little piece I just got got from Jordie Bellaire. She is a real good drawer, you should check her out.



Will Kelly said...

This is just getting better Cory.
The color really lies on there smoothly, and all the colors work so well together. Sweet.

Renee Kurilla said...

Love your Alice piece :)

Dax said...

Alice looks amazing. All Hail Zorak ruler of the universe!

Anonymous said...

Do you add anything to the watercolor when you wash it over the acrylic? It looks like it's turning out fantastic and I would like to try this technique out sometime :)

Sara Lynn said...

Lovely job with your Alice piece. I really like the way you've painted her hair, and the background pattern and colors work perfectly!

Jordie Bellaire said...

I know I already complimented the beauty of this piece!!

But thank you for the shout out too, Cory!