Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Old Mother Troll 2/3

Here are the planning stages. The idea is an expanded idea from this earlier piece. I liked the idea of an old mother troll making soup for a little troll girl so I decided to turn it into a new piece, flex my drawing and painting powers, and include this as one of my entries for Spectrum this year.

It's also part of an over all experiment for ultimately painting in oils, an experiment I began back during my Alice show. I'll post more about this as I come to it.

Enough of that, here is my original thumbnail.

After waffling for a few tries I quickly settled on top right one.

I then scanned it and did a digital sketch on it to figure my values and things.

From there I began drawing.

Above. Can't be bothered by drawing.

As usual, my co-pilot sat with me for the duration of the flight.

So there's the finished drawing.

Next post, watercolor.


Red Herring Jeff said...

I love seeing peoples initial thumbnail's nice to see that they are as undecipherable as mine, ha-ha-ha! I downloaded the wallpaper you posted on twitpics, and have been admiring your trees. I just noticed the raven this morning, when looking at the pencils. What a great little touch.

Thanks for sharing!

Larry MacDougall said...

Looks good Cory.

Grace Pennington said...

The thumbnail sketch is something I always have a hard time taking the steps to do. Usually, I want to just jump to the end and start on the project. It's nice to so your progress, not just from start to finish on the final drawing, but with your sketches as well.

Fantastic work and excellent style, as always, Cory!

Ben said...

Hey Cory thanks again for putting a step-by-step example of how you work. These look awesome!

What pencils do you use for the finished line work? It looks great!

Cory said...

Thanks everyone!

Hey Ben, they're as simple as could be, just the regular bic click pencils. In fact you can see it here

I used Generals for a while but I got sick of having to stop and sharpen them every other minute. I find the bics have the right consistency and softness that I like.

Ben said...

Cory, thanks for replying to my question! That's nice of you! :) I should have noticed the pencil down there haha.

Your Scissorhands work looks great too. Good one!