Monday, April 06, 2009

Grimm and Other Folk Tales : The Event

Here are some photographs of the event. We had a fantastic turn out.

And all of the final, framed pieces with the supplemental materials on either side.

* * *

My sister-in-law Annie took some photographs of the pieces Saturday afternoon and I hopped in a couple. She said something weird and made me laugh. I don't remember what she said.


James Palmer said...

Beautiful work Cory! Nice presentation and I love that you included so much developmental work as well... Beautiful stuff. Wish I could have seen it. Next time I'm in Clemson, I'll have to make the trip over and holler at y'all. Awesome show.

Chad Frye said...

Congratulations on your show, Cory. You certainly crammed a tremendous amount of work into a short time.

My favorite is the Red Riding Hood piece. Really grabbed me. Great work on that and the whole show!

Lach said...

That a lot of good work right there, and a lot of work in getting all the supplmental stuff together.

Koldo Barroso said...

Congrats Cory! Everything looks so inviting...

will kelly said...

Everything's Beautiful!!
Wish I coulda been there!
So glad you had an awesome show.

Brian B said...

We were at Bob Jones for the high school National competition and fortunately were able to view your work. Awesome!

These need to be in a book with the fairy tales.

I liked the way you had the sketches displayed beside them with the quotes and color studies showing your process.

Thanks so much.