Monday, April 16, 2007


i used a fax machine for the first time today.

i imagine my experience of out-dated discovery could undoubtedly be likened to the elation the recipient of a telegram must have surely felt.

after the invention of the telephone.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Illustration Friday: "Fortune"

This is Ennio Montebello. He is old and though he may not look it, he is worth a fortune.

the best policy...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

more music video:

I'm 98% done.
Video to be unveiled soonly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


iChat is just another instant messaging tool.

On any given day my avatar will be set as The Terminator, raccoon Mario from Mario 3, an etching of a cat, or Totoro. It just depends. Today I set it to a picture of me. For fun. See below.

note: I blurred out my less cool attempts at cool little pictures.

You can also set your iChat "status." This is just a little line underneath your name that lets everyone else know how cool you are because you are listening to --fill in the blank--

or, you can just write something.

Today mine was,

If you know this quote you get a star.


Below is a real, actual iChat with Brannon in three installments. He had set his avatar to an "N" today. I am still unsure of as to exactly the reason. But that is fine.

more work on the music video [edit]

update ^

Work is drawing to a close on the music video for Steven Delopoulos.
Gunning to finish the Beast this afternoon/evening.

4:10 running time; I'm at 4:03.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

flashes of brilliance

I get them sometimes. To my discredit I ignore them until it's one second to late.

Sometimes when I am doing something I think to myself, "Stop. Stop it right now or this --fill in the blank-- is going to happen."

I, most always, stop one second too late.

Two small examples:

I was cleaning the hamster cage and smaking the bottom of the glass to get all the pine chips out. I thought, nearly out loud, "I need to stop-- my hand is going to go right through this..."

One second later my hand went through the bottom of the cage, I picked the pieces of glass out of my bloody palm, and continued towards my next flash of brilliance.

I taped up what was left of the bottom of the cage, put in a plastic trash bag, and started to fill it again with fresh pine.

I filled the cage and thought to myself, "I ought to carefully set this sixteen pound bag of pine chips back down or it'll dump pine all over the hallway.

I dropped the bag


One second later

I was sweeping up sixteen pounds of spilled pine chips.


If only I was living TWO seconds in the future.

This would make conversations difficult, I know. I imagine it'd be like playing tennis with H. G. Wells.

But I could go on TV and wow audiences with my powerful abilities, be a couple-seconds-in-the-future-psychic, or maybe best of all, my flashes of brilliance would actually help me.

Or I could just listen in the first place.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

magic tricks and baby ducklings in a sparkling land of birthday parties

But I saved the birthday cake. And the ducklings are very grateful and the train swinging poachers are behind bars.



Or were they koala bears.


I have a magic trick. I can do it at parties, I can do it at weddings, I can do it anywhere.

I can even do the trick under the house in the crawl space, which is where I was this time.

My total magic trick count to date is six.

Six times I've performed this incredible trick.

Six times I've dislocated my shoulder.