Friday, November 10, 2006

Abandoned By The Sea

A new blog that is actually updated by Justin.

Justin Gerard works here in the Luxury Wing of Portland Studios and spends most of his time being amazing.

Blog and site built by the indominable H. Benjamin Kammer.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Cedar Leidigh is the most interesting person I know. Not only that, in the event of an atomic bomb attack and all civilization as we know it is wiped out, he is the one person who will know what to do. Cedar has survival skills. He also draws scary stuff.

He is one of my all time favorite people. We met in school and have had many adventures since. Cedar and I have metal-detected in playgrounds and found sand and bullets, we have built things, we have drawn things, painted things, watched weird movies and the like.

Cedar now has a MySpace page and blog--

I could try and describe to you Cedar but I am not that good. His words will have to speak for himself:

"Yes, as promiced here is the first of many adventures, most never shared with the world befor, now cast into cyberspace.

When I was nine I got a Barlow knife form my Grandpa, (Tom Sawers knife, I proudly told all who would listen) My parents thought it was cool, so I caried that thing around in my pocket for the next few years. I cut my self badly, many times, but that is all part of growing up and good ol Mom would just tape my wounds closed and send me on my way. I cut bows and swords and cleaned countless fish with my knife. It now lies gathering dust in a drawer some were back home. With that knife I carved a sword from a stick of wood and then walked miles away from home at all times of year, with only that and my knife as portection. Now I see children who are that age(9-10) and think, good gravy, what was I doing out wandering at that size? The first bear that came along could have had me for dinner. But I rember thinking at the time that if I did run into a bear I would kick its butt. I was confident that I could kill anything with a wooden sword and a pen knife. Sadly my over confidece has only grown stronger with age."

Visit early and often. You can bet I will.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Illustration Friday: "Smoke"

* * *

a thumbnail of a page of a [inproduction] graphic novel (written by a friend) about a very unlucky man, who, at this juncture in life has just hit a bees nest only to have a plane fall on him.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SBL: the CD itself

As a few of the faithful may remember, I worked on album art for a children's album of a prominent singer/songwriter from Nashville. At the artist's (singer/songwriter artist, that is... it's confusing) I posted a good bit of the in progress/ finished pieces of the interior album art as well as work for the cover.

The project has been finished/on hold/back burner for a while now (on my end anyway) but just the other day I did the art for the CD itself. I'm not sure if it will be printed with the image cut-away from the CD [i.e the shiny CD showing through--I hope not] and whatever around it, or will it be printed like regular, and not reversed. I only hope not just because it's hard to see, atleast for my brain to process things reversed is difficult. Well. Not difficult. I just don't like to see it.

Without further, he's one of the characters that pop up in a couple songs, and the front of the CD, the Zorbian:

To see more of the album art, dig around in the July 2006 archives.