Digital Shop

Whether you'd like to call this a digital shop, eShop, eShoppe, or The Duke of Godbey's Virtual Marketplace, Botique, & Emporium what you have discovered here is my new page for distributing digital goods!

All of this digital content I'm making available through a website called Gumroad. Clicking on the pictures below will take you to the Gumroad checkout and download.


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PDF download. You can view the book on your computer or download it on to the tablet of your choice (most every device supported). 

Both books include exclusive content: several pages of bonuses, process work, and some extra drawings beyond their printed counterparts. All ebooks support Retina display. 

Thank you for supporting my work! Please do not share, print, or otherwise distribute these digital books.

PDFs are the most versatile option but also the easiest to rip off. Yes, believe it or not, we're working on the honor system here. Foolish to do so on the internet? Probably. But I am trusting you guys.


Each set comes with every image in that set sized to iPad, iPhone 5, iPhone/iPod, and two standard desktop wallpapers.

Now, I know what you're thinking: couldn't I just find these images off the blog and use them? Sure! In most cases, yes, you could. Would I mind if you did? Nope! Not at all. Then why make these available? 

Well, two reasons I came up with: One, I wanted to see the work designed and arranged with these specific dimensions and uses in mind. Two, if you enjoy my personal work and would like to support it that's really nice of you and here's an easy way to do it.

Painting DEMO


2 hour painting demo (sped up to 1 hour). 720p HD.  (1.08GB)
Includes the file + bonus layered file.

A look at my basic digital painting process. Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Thank you for supporting my work! Please do not share, copy, or otherwise distribute this video. 

Again, we're working on the honor system here. Foolish to do so on the internet? Almost definitely. But again, I'm trusting you guys. Private use only.


If you have any problems or questions please feel free to email me directly.  

To download the eBook PDFs on to your iPad follow one of these steps:

1. Follow the download link to the PDF directly from your iPad. Tap, and you'll be able to save it to the iBooks or Kindle app.

2. Download the PDF to your desktop and drag the file to iTunes. It will show up in your iTunes Library under the "Books" category. Sync and enjoy.

Note. I'm not an expert on all the various tablets and ebook readers. I've worked with iPad through the iBooks and Kindle apps (both free downloads). The PDF format should work with most any device. If you aren't sure or encounter a problem a quick Google search should let you know just what to do.


All the transactions and digital distribution for this stuff is handled through a really great and secure service called Gumroad.

Gumroad supports all major credit cards (and some debit cards).

Want to find out exactly how this fast and absurdly easy service works? Check out their awesome demonstration.