Friday, August 26, 2005

20 GB Resurrection w/ Click Wheel

It lives. Back from Apple in California, my iPod has new life. Or something like that. It's a brand new one. I was covered under the AppleCare protection plan and they simply replaced it which is incredibly nice but loses a little something for the sentimental buffoon in me.

I do miss all the knicks and bumps and scratches on the old one, the majority of which are due to me dumping a load of rocks at the "Garden of the Gods in Colorado" into my pocket thinking, "Hey, yeah, Garden of the Gods rocks." And then thinking, "Hey, yeah, time to put my iPod back in my pocket." The lovely white pod and metalic case was dramtically scratched. On an unrelated note, I also threw my Nalgene bottle from the top to see if it really would not burst. Nalgene kept their word, and a few minutes later I was drinking nice Colorado sun-toasted water. Nalgenes may not break but they sure as anything don't keep water cold I discovered.

But back to my iPod. I also dropped it once. Or twice. I think from about 5 feet once onto the driveway. But that was after I had fried it so I don't know what that actually did to it if anything but probably something. It was 5 feet after all. And a driveway.

All in all though, I am very pleased to have it back.


Anonymous said...

that is no way to encourage this young blogger to fight the good fight!

I'm glad your ipod had such a fulfilling life and I hope his reincarnation (of sorts) will prove to be one step closer to nirvana. be well.

Cory Godbey said...

Pods tend to be pretty hardy.
...unless you fry them.