Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Blue Goblet

from The Blue Goblet, by Cory Godbey.

Scene: The Horrible Goblet Theiving Beast of the Mountain has pilferd the young Queen's favorite Blue Goblet.

* * *

"As swift as you might say, the beast was gone and with it Queen Julia's favorite blue goblet. It was not so particular a mug, no it was not; very plain in all respects and appearance but it belonged to Queen Julia and it was hers. It was this fact of belonging that moved her to action.

In a manner not the least bit removed from her austere regality, Queen Julia took up her traveling hat and cloak in one quick turn of the heel and leaped out the window after the beast."

Rough color concept watercolors for "the trek."


Anonymous said...

Dude, you make me sick with the talents that God has given you. That is really amazing. It is so cool, because it is a slight reflection of God and His vast creative nature. Praise God.

Jared Chapman said...

Beautiful work Cory! I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for this one.

ilana's gallery הגלריה said...

I love your water colors!