Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Colorado, dislocated

My shoulder is curious device, spasmodically dislocating having then to be realigned by a certified technician at a local E.R. Things are even more problematic when I am in Colorado in a swimming pool.

I had been just fine for near 12 months. As far as I could tell, the surgery had worked and everything was just fine. As I was to find out later when talking with my surgeon, in all his years of practice, close to 20, he had only ever had a shoulder he had operated on come back out of joint again once before; and that guy was playing football. I'm just lucky. When my shoulder comes out, it's another week before I can move it at all. It's like all strength evaporates. I've got a friend, Justin, who's left shoulder hyperextends/dislocates and he can throw his back in. It hurts like Charles Dickens but he's alright. Mine is just nuts. It comes out and the ball of the joint is next to my ribs. It just drops down and I can't put it back in. This particular time in CO, I had the doctors try to put it back in without any medication to keep the cost low. They tried it twice and the joint simply would not go. I opened my eyes and all I saw was blue. Finally after much medication and relaxers, they got it in. Then we went camping.

Brannon, a park worker, the Mighty Jeff, and me confronted with raw nature at
high altitudes.

Chris, Jeff, Cate, Brannon, me, Jamin, and Mel.
Moments later I hurled my Nalgene off the face of the cliff to see if it would break. They kept their word.

Mel (Jamin's wife) me, & Chris somewhere in Denver.

Me, Brannon, & Chris. I lost my flashlight that you see there.
Now in the Rockies. And I carried my pack myself I am pleased to say.

* * *

Pre-dislocation fun in the room. That's a travel pillow on my head.


Anonymous said...

I thought you would get some comments on this one. great pictures...especially the turban ones

Anonymous said...

We were just at the Garden yesterday afternoon. Lovely as always (like your photos show here). Took our boy for a stroll and saw lots of (loud) rock climbers. He wasn't as enthused by them as he was of all the pointy yucca plants, and the young deer that were frolicking about in the shrubs. Looks like you had as a good time as we did.