Friday, September 16, 2005

Olaf's Great Escape

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Olaf der Postman (Troll)


Unbeknownst to most of us, 33% of our mail is delivered via Trollpost.

Trolls, large man-shaped figures with pointed ears and long tails, hail from the Black Forest (or Schwarzwald) in Germany. They are typically shy creatures, large and cumbersome but not unintelligent.

Trolls lack chiefly in interpersonal skills, they are not necessarily disaffectionate towards others, it is more of a deficiency in their neurological capacity to engage in small talk outside the weather.

While inapt with their communication skills, trolls are superbly gifted craftsmen (or craftstrolls I suppose you might say) manufacturing toys, cuckoo clocks, radios, and musical instruments.

Thriving mainly off orange juice and chocolate (and the occasional polish sausage) the troll population of Germany has historically been overlooked due to their indifference toward politics and motor sports outside their own kind. That is not to say trolls have some sort of advanced political structure or a superior soapbox derby (by any means) but in all actuality they are rather poor sports at both, and are generally contented with soaking in mineral springs and eating chocolate.

Trolls, as a rule, do not travel further west than the Rhine.

One young troll, however, has ventured past the safety of the silky black forest and has sought to make his way in the world, specifically that of the postal service. Olaf is venturesome and spirited. He enjoys coffee (which is traditionally only savored by the audacious trolls) and delivering mail by any means possible, whether by motorbike, salvaged Messerschmitt, or by boat.

Olaf enjoys Mozart, toast with cheese, and is considering taking up the violin.

by Cory Godbey


Blame the Blog said...

that is reallly nice !! i like it ... a lot !

great setting and feel ! love it !

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is GREAT! Double-plus-good! I really like the posttroll, the colors, and the story.

Anonymous said...

hey :) linked here from Illustration Friday....your entry ROCKS!! :D (mine's...not so hot. lol)

Fossfor said...

a lot of my post has got lost lately,now I know why, German trolls have eaten it on the way! thanks for telling us about them. love your painting!

RAY DILLON said...

I like your work alot. Very inspiring. Got ya bookmarked.

Anonymous said...

Extremely good style and technique, and the story is cute too. I really love your site banner.

Cory Godbey said...

Hey, thank you all very much for the kind comments.
I appreciate the support.

elegraph said...

i like your illustration style. and the story's cute, too! trolls and i share the same diet.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful illustrative style, and a really original idea.

Love the illusion of movement by having it bounce along mid-air.

Alison Ashwell said...

I love this - story and illo are fantastic

Anonymous said...

I love this! You have a really great style--- look forward to seeing more of your work. :)

Jared Chapman said...

Beautiful work, Cory. Needless to say, I am a fan.

carla said...

That's a wonderfully amusing story and the illo adds to its appeal! You gotta love a troll on a morocycle... Great technique and colors that do the subject justice