Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Society Of Illustrators (edit)


Digital is such an intuitive medium. If you think of something, oh that would be cool if, you just do it and see what it looks like. If you did the same thing in watercolor you'd have to start over most times. Not to say one is inferior or superior, just different ways and means to tell the story. And the story or feeling is what moves people.

I'm still learning the medium. I spent college working with oils and watercolors and didn't start doing anything serious with digital til the very end of my senior year and I'd caution people to do something similar. For me, I needed the understanding and framework I was able to gather from oils especially. It would have been a lot easier to get caught up in the medium, rather than understanding colors and compistion and what is going to make a good painting.

With this piece, it took a long time to go from idea to sketch to finished. I spent a long time gathering reference for all sorts of birds (you can see earlier posts for more on this) and spent quite a while developing what I wanted. The ideas went through lots of changes and seemed like each one I came up with had about 5 rabbit trails, which was good but also drove me insane.

In the end I settled on a parade of sorts which evolved into the battle. The Final March.

Couched deep within The Blue Goblet mythology, the The Final March of Queen Anatolia, recounts the long forgotten myth of the Great Beast in the Second Great War for The Blue Goblet.

(original sketch)

The Final March of Queen Anatolia in the Second Great War for The Blue Goblet



(screen shot)


All's well that ends well, or some old thing like that. To be mailed off to S.I. in NYC this Friday and we'll just see.

Here's hoping.



Hi Corey, I'm Gabriele, from Rome (Italy). Just wanted to say that your drawnings moves me...they're special. Ciao!

the little weird guy with a french accent said...

Corey, I'm judson greene gracen greenes little brother. i do homesat science and in the book for it I saw one of your drawings. I like your blog!

Jared Chapman said...

Sheesh Cory! Beautiful work! Actually, I think "beautiful" is an understatement... this is unreal. I love the atmosphere you've created. Your color palatte is perfect and the composition is terrific. Best of luck with the SI compittion! You'll blow them away!

Cara Carmina said...

The best of luck Cory! I've always felt amazed about digital illustration, I want to learn it... this piece is so moving! so nostalgic...

take care!

Anonymous said...

whoa... I'm not the only person in the world who looks up textbook illustrators.

Cory Godbey said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really, really cool to see. I love fantasy, but not cheezy "pulp" fantasy that is so overdone.

(You show nobility instead of chainmail bikini warriors)

This illu makes me hungry to see the whole store, and know what's so important about this Blue Goblet.

I'm sincerely a big fan of your work.

Was this done in painter or photoshop or both? (or something else)

Cory Godbey said...

Hey many thanks to everyone who's commented.

I began with watercolor then moved to photoshop.

In the end, it's mostly photoshop with a little watercolor coming through.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to Judson's comment in my previous post when I said..."I'm not the only person in the world who looks up textbook illustrators."

Anonymous said...

I always love your work, but that hasn't stopped you from being tagged by me.

frgodbeyjr said...

Cory, great work as usual. I've enjoyed keeping up with your work through your blog. I sent you an email a week or so ago. Hope to hear from you soon. Dad

frgodbeyjr said...

PS: You need to fess up and let everyone know where you got your artistic talent from ;)