Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stretches in Black and White

IdeaFORGE is a new thing going on around the office instated by the illustrious Jamin Jantz, Portland Studios Project Manager. Creative morning stretches in black and white.

What is an IdeaFORGE you may ask? That is a very good question and worthy of an answer.
The following is taken directly from Jamin's email:



I will email you several things each day. You are simply to follow the stream of consciousness that those words or ideas evoke. Start with writing out and following the idea, then move into sketching. I recommend starting a word document where you can write any good ideas or characters or storylines down. Review that file each day during your time and follow-up or add-to and ideas that show promise.

Today, I've given you a characteristic of a character, the first line of an actual children's book and a location. They are all picked randomly, so have fun.


1ST LINE: "Curses!" cried Freddy LeGrand



And here is what I wrote yesterday. I may or may not continue to post these. We'll see.


"Curses!" cried Freddy LeGrand. He watched as the whole of the baggage claim erupted with green smoke. Freddy adjusted his thick glasses. The crowds of people shoving past him momentarily interupted his concentration.

“This day are my worst fears realized.” Freddy murmured, reaching instinctively for his pockets. “And in baggage claim no less.”

the green vapors emerged a horrific sight; a prowling, hulking, grotesque beast of immense proportions. It stormed off the conveyer belt and stood upright, smoothed down its stalks of hair and continued. The creature allowed itself over the rubble and then stumbled onto a suticase. It regarded the luggage with question, it’s yellow eyes blinking intermittently. The creature then wretched the suitcase open, pulled out a neat hat and waistcoat and fit them on, snuggily.

the test tubes Freddy LeGrand, boy Mad Scientist, had stowed in his checked luggage must have mixed.

“Curses,” Freddy murmured again, swearing on Newton’s grave that he would never again travel with radioactive isotopes and cabbage again.

by Cory.

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