Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Blue Goblet Font

Hey people, Blue Goblet font is out and, check this one out; you can now write like me.

What's that? You've always been envious of the silky way the indigo filled Windsor-Newton so effortlessly glides across the rich and creamy sheet of Strathmore 500 Bristol forming numbers and letters of sweet joy? Do not weep, or rather, weep no more my ones.

Look no further than and thank your lucky DooleyType stars.

[And so I took a picture of my screen and drew a red arrow to guide you....]

Here's the direct link, the above is just to the actual site. Go for it.

You've also got to try the this thing and take the font for a test drive:

I like the "Alternate One" kind.


Anonymous said...

soooo cooool!!!!

replenishcreativity said...

Cory, you never cease to amaze me... congrats on getting your font published - that is so awesome!

Kyra said...

Hmmm. Very cool. I think I might have to buy it...soon I hope.