Tuesday, December 06, 2005

While I nodded, nearly napping...

So Peter Jackson and I are driving around and we're talking and laughing like old college buddies.

Peter Jackson

"Man, Pete, I say to him, "I feel like I've know you my whole life! I mean, I've watched all the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings, I've listened to all the audio commetary! I've watched all the extras! We must be best friends!" And Peter's just laughing and shaking his head, with his New Zealand accent, "Yeah, I know it, it's crazy..."

So we're driving around and stuff. "So, Pete, what are we out looking for?" I say as I'm looking over my shoulder merging.

"Well, I'd like to look for some shoes." Peter says.

"Well, look over there!" I say excitedly, "It's a Pay-Less Shoe Store! Great!"

So we pull in the parking lot and suddenly I'm tying my shoes and Peter Jackson is like, "Say, Cory, do you have a vacuum cleaner?"

Puzzled I respond, "No, Peter, why, is my car dirty?"

"No," says Peter Jackson. "I was just going to get that off your leg for you."

And I look down and there's the most terrifying Metroid kind of creature wrapped around my leg. As I look at it, it opens its mouth and lunges up towards my head. And I woke up.

9:30 A.M. And I was late.


Dan Santat said...

That's a hilarious dream man! If I saw a thing like that on my leg I'd have to pee myself and then punch it in the FACE!

I like all the artwork in this place man. Keep it up!

LDahl said...

Snort.....Tea everywhere!!!
Heheheh! Too funny!

I really like your work. Good luck on your book, I think you have a winner:)

Tatiana said...

LOL That story was very funny!