Thursday, May 25, 2006

font font font... [update]

anybunny got any idea what font this is? I tried the "What The Font" on to no avail.
Ideas or defininte knowledge very welcome.

Thank you to Jon. In the end I have found a "Bolton" on 1001 Free Fonts that seemed to my liking and so I went with. Not exactly it, but much better than paying $150 for Hightower. Geez.


crosstraining said...

aarh matey, I deliver the font bounty.

took me a second because of the multiple photocopyings...lost some detail somewhere.

very very close to a manipulated
high tower text

Here is a sample:
High Tower Text Sample

Top is yours, bottom is mine. Looks like the capitals were adjusted somewhat, but otherwise its close.

Honestly it was a tough choice between high tower text and cocaine sans.
see for yourself:
Cocaine Sans.

FOnt info on Hight Tower came with my PC...


crosstraining said...

its not quite it, but its as close as I can get. I'm sorry if I've failed you.

Cory Godbey said...

again, thanks