Monday, September 18, 2006

The work from this weekend...

This is the finished version, see the previous post for the thumbnail.

Queen Julia and Paul, from The Blue Goblet, book II: The Many Troubles of Paul

A fine weekend. Erin and I met my Gramma and Grandpa for Chinese food at the Super Dragon King Oriental Express Buffet. Or something like that. I don't think it was called that. Probably just two or three of those words. Anyway, wonderful time, and hello Gramma, I'm sure you are reading this.

I think Erin and I have a new cat. In addition to our illustrious Harrell, we have a cat that has been hanging around the porch. We fed her and gave her a box to sleep in. She shows no signs of leaving, so I think we have a new cat.


frgodbeyjr said...

If it's the place on Woodruff Road, Mom and Dad have taken me there a few times as well. Good food! I love Chinese food! I read your post on LOST. I watched several episodes the first season, but haven't watched it since. It looked like a good show though. We watch more movies (Netflix), and Red Sox baseball than TV shows...except Court TV...Cops, Forensic File, Etc. I hope you and Erin are doing well. I'm writing you a letter Cory, and I hope you'll read it... You don't have to reply to it. I just need to clear the air and whatever happens is just meant to be. I've enjoyed your post.

Jeannetto said...

I really enjoy your work.