Friday, November 10, 2006

Abandoned By The Sea

A new blog that is actually updated by Justin.

Justin Gerard works here in the Luxury Wing of Portland Studios and spends most of his time being amazing.

Blog and site built by the indominable H. Benjamin Kammer.

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Johnny said...

cory, these books you speak of in previous posts (alexander and rex, klaus and the magic bag of tricks, julia and the blue goblet) i need them all. if they are up for sale i'm more than willing to buy them all. i love your artwork, and if your stories are 1/4 as good as your artwork life will have new meaning.

honestly dude, even if you just wrote the word "poop" on every page i'd still buy the book... i might even like it more if it did... anyways dude. let me know. I emailed you to, let me know if you got it.