Tuesday, January 09, 2007

dirty watercolor & the transient drawing

Part of the method I employ involves a dirty watercolor. And here is the dirty watercolor for the dandelion piece. I used to be so terrified of doing anything to the drawing itself. The drawing itself was sacred. Untouchable.

At some point I realized that I was in love with the drawings.

I was too in love with the drawings. I adored the drawings. I taped them up and looked at them.

But with each piece of tape, the stove top of my mind burned the hotter; in the back of my mind I knew the truth-- they had to die.

I knew I had to kill them.

By my hand I had to kill the drawings.

Release them to the next step in exsistence.

Release them to real textures, not some farcical photoshopy plastic texture-- real, real watercolor.

To me, that is what makes it. And for me, that is why I kill:
The transient drawing must become the dirty watercolor.

That is the way of things. It is what must be.
And it cannot be otherwise.

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Gwen said...

that was horrifically poetic..