Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Semi-animated, quasi-animatic-like storyboards dropped in iMovie with a few effects.
And some appropriate music, again, apologies to Michael Giachinno.

Click above to view the video.

I edited out the name of the company at the end just for fun. This video and all the storyboards were made as a pitch for a set of commercials. The idea being (when you see the video you'll see) you may be good and amazing at what you do but without company X, you're not really. Rather, you may have what you need but you're lacking the crucial componet that company X can provide.

We had a meeting about it and came up with the punchline and I sat down and just sort of made up the rest. Roughly boarded the whole idea out in pencil then made some cleaner storyboards in photoshop.


Piotr said...

hhaha fantastic!! i cant wait to see this fully animated

Cory Godbey said...

thanks Piotr, the good word is that the pitch went well so there is strong potenial.

Bill Z said...

wow what fun!