Tuesday, April 10, 2007


iChat is just another instant messaging tool.

On any given day my avatar will be set as The Terminator, raccoon Mario from Mario 3, an etching of a cat, or Totoro. It just depends. Today I set it to a picture of me. For fun. See below.

note: I blurred out my less cool attempts at cool little pictures.

You can also set your iChat "status." This is just a little line underneath your name that lets everyone else know how cool you are because you are listening to --fill in the blank--

or, you can just write something.

Today mine was,

If you know this quote you get a star.


Below is a real, actual iChat with Brannon in three installments. He had set his avatar to an "N" today. I am still unsure of as to exactly the reason. But that is fine.


Piotr said...

i would change my avatar mid-chat, but now not many people IM me, great fun!

RC said...

intereesting, i haven't heard of ichat.

Julie Arsenault said...

I'm impressed with display of vast alphabetic knowledge! Um . . . I don't know what the quote is from, but I still want a star. Is there a second chance for a prize?

Cory Godbey said...

second prize is a comet hitting the planet of your choice.

you win because your name is julie.

choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

Strong bad Email#143-
Strong Bad: (Computerized voice) "Robots are technology shaped like sqaure people."

Cory Godbey said...

you win a star