Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Here is the fruit of many hours of labor.

A work spanning 3 weeks of animation and several more weeks of development and the making of the artwork used.

Behold, YouTube, here it is.

Click below for the full four minute, twenty-some seconds music video:


artnewbie said...

Oh I LOVED this. So evocative. Brill! Diane.

Piotr said...

beautiful work cory!! very nice job! nice to see some experimental style animation for a change!

Unknown said...

Fantastic work, guys. Saw it plugged on one of the animation sites:)

Gwendolyn said...


Anonymous said...

The enigmatic intro pulses beautifully with the music drawing the viewer into, not only the scene, but the sense of tangible wonderment that the song creates. The journey then proceeds with a well-balanced mix of demonstration of the lyrics, conceptual imagery, static-but-striking screen shots, and innovative motion. This is animation taken to a new sophisticated primitivism that miraculously manages to escape the common sentence of "pretentiously unpretentious."

Good job, guys.

Julie K A

Anonymous said...

nothing less than phenomenal (or however you spell that word)