Thursday, October 11, 2007

Illustration Friday: "Extremes"

Extremes? Maybe. Painter and Photoshop may not be at the extreme either end of the spectrum, but they are different. And I get very different results. The results themselves being extreme. There, how's that.


Painter is a completely different animal than Photoshop I have found. The brush effects are really cool. I used Painter a few times, a couple years ago. Here's to wishing I had stuck with it.

At the time I had a vague idea that I would need to know Painter. Alas. Lazy youth it would seem.

The above reworked in Photoshop.


For all you I.F.-ers, you can still vote for me (if you are so inclined) for the Illustration Friday gallery show, because,

Hurrah! I was mistaken, You may vote until the 19th of October!

Oh boy! How fun. My entry with links to the voting:

Thank you.


oliver said...

Hi Cory
The same thing happened to me, i've always worked with Photoshop and recently tried to do some illustrations with Painter IX, as you say, the brush effects are really cool, but I feel more comfortable with PS.
Your dragon sketch is so cool, love the photoshop version, it looks like a huge red chili pepper, he, he.

Cory Godbey said...

Ha! Thanks oliver. Yeah, after closing Painter and opening Photoshop it was like coming home.

But I am determined to conquer painter. Or at least punch it in the stomach.

Willie Baronet said...

Really nice, I love the painterly version.

arxo said...

Never worked with painter myself but from all I've seen it seems like one heck of a tool !

Maybe someday in another life, who knows?

The painter version has a more painterly feeling like blocking the forms before digging in the details which I like a lot especially in the early stages of a painting...(not so good with that myself...I kinda go right in and usually get stuck)

The photoshop version although is my favorite too. I especially like the glowing effect around his nose and the glow on his wing...

Overall, great illo(s)

Mike Boldt said...

I just love your work. It all has so much life and not only that - it's fun to look at.

I have now left the photoshop'd coloring world maybe a year or two ago and use painter for pretty much everything. I just love it. Truth is, I have hardly even gotten into it. I am stuck using the oil pastels and love them so much I haven't had a chance to get into the other mediums much. I keep telling myself next project.

I still will use PS after I'm done and on other work once in a while, as it's still such an amazing program as well. Painter (at least 9) doesn't allow you to really work in cmyk, so that is one thing that has often bugged me quite a bit about it, especially if you work in print fields.

Anyways, sorry for the verbal diarrhea there, just happens some times.

I hope your dragon makes the "open" show, it would be a great addition to the exhibition.

Take care,


Mary said...

Ooo, they're amazing, love the way you draw dragons. I envy you, I get scared of computers, they never seem to do what I tell them.
Good luck mastering painter.

Matthew Smith said...

Beautiful character studies!

Eli said...

Great dragons! I'm tackling Photoshop after being a pen and paper guy for years, I'm digging it, so many options. I do like the painterly feel of the Painter program but doubt I'll use it too much, I'm holding off on Illustrator but I often have the urge to do the kind of clean lines that Illustrator does so well. Too many programs to learn! Anyhow, you make it look easy, great work!

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Awesome work! I especially love the colors in the Painter version, but all are great!

Vera Pino said...

great illo! Magic stile and colours!!!

Diandra Mae said...

I love that the scribbly pencil marks are part of the final image. Wonderful dragon...I like that he's more chunky dinosaur than snake, as most dragon interpretations are. :)

Brittney Lee said...

Hi Cory,

I've admired your work for a very long time from just visiting the Portland Studios website and I love seeing your work now on IF. Thanks for posting such inspiring stuff! Keep up the amazing work!

xenos said...

couldn't agree with you more. it seems to me that often times, the medium more or less dictates the styles. eh, maybe that is just me. love the dragons though.