Friday, October 12, 2007

More Painter X

Still trying to make sense of this mess called Painter. It's like it doesn't want to obey until I've struggled for about 20 minutes. Then it kicks in.


Mike Boldt said...

I really like the way you block in your drawings. The vibrant colors are just awesome as well.

I'm pretty sure you will have the hang of this program in a very short time. Which medium were you using for this one?

All in all I'm looking forward to seeing you develop this picture and in this new program.


Samuli S. said...

I think both PS and Painter are amazing tools but have to be used in different things. PS is best when you work like you were lighting a scenario. Meaning: you have base colours and then you add light, shadow and casts. Painter on the other hand tries to emulate natural media and responds well to a more traditional approach - paintings need to be "molded".
You can find my first Painter work here and some PS work here
If you're interested.

Good luck on Painter!