Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am ridiculously pleased to tell you all that on Tuesday we got a letter from New York. What was in it? Inside the envelope was paper. Nice paper. Paper with words on it telling us we were accepted in the Society of Illustrators annual. That was very nice paper.

I got two pieces in, Grimble Crossing the Alps, and the animated music video, The Ruin of the Beast.

Grimble Crossing the Alps
from Jack & Inar, pub. date 2008


DVD cover

I haven't ever entered Sequential before, mostly because (as one might imagine) I haven't had anything to show. I also hadn't ever noticed that they accept animation entries. So, edited down to 2 minutes, The Ruin of the Beast has been submitted for cosideration.

included inside the jewel case with the DVD:

I'm very pleased and honored to be included in this incredible volume of work. And it's the 50th edition. I'm sure there's something profound about that. I'm sure, but I have no idea what that profundity might be.

Again, like the last few posts before this I must thank those who stick through the lean times with this blog. Work has been an all consumming deal recently and until I meet an upcoming deadline things are going to be tight.

But! I am working off a shiny new 24 inch iMac at work so that's nice. I also have a new 2o inch iMac at home and, just yesterday, ordered a 23 inch Mac cinema display so I that I may wield dual-screen at home. Actually tri-screens because I've got an old eMac. The big white dinosaur. I can run this program called Teleport off my iMac and controll the eMac then dual-screen the heck out of it all and work on the cinema display.

One last thing, anyone remember Matthew's Begats? I'll be doing three book signings at the Holiday Fair at the Palmetto Expo Center tonight, Friday, and Saturday.

I'll be around in the evening. Also Justin and the author of Beowulf will be there signing copies of their fantasic book.


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