Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Comic-Con 2008 stuff!

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic around here.

With the release of Ticket and planning and getting materials together for Comic-Con on top of real work, everyone has been going like crazy. I've done quite a bit of the promotion of Ticket myself so that's confiscated a lot of time.

But now printed stuff is rolling in and we're finally get to see some things come together.

The buttons will be part of the free, take away stuff littering our booth.

And the sketchbooks. I'm not sure how much these go for. I don't think a lot. Here's my cover as well as some sample pages. All together there are 16 pages in the sketchbook.

Ka-pow! Mythology!

* * *

I've been posting a lot about Ticket recently but that doesn't mean there's nothing else going on. There's quite a bit in the pipe line. After a few days after a big project (like Ticket) I get a surge of ideas (mostly weird ones, but a few good ones) and I've spent the last few nights putting some of those ideas down. Look for some of those in the coming days.


Unknown said...

Wow :). Gorgeous stuff! Wish I could pick one up! Hopefully they'll have a Comicon in Chicago again soon.

Have fun!

Caleb said...

ideas, yeah!

Peace. - Caleb