Monday, September 22, 2008


I've cleaned up a few of the links on my side bar. It's been a while coming. Here's what's new:

We've got Chris' new site/blog Brother-in-law at large.

* * *

Aaron's photoblog, photographer extraordinaire and all around polymath.

* * *

Mark Johnson, the Lord of the Internets and WMD's blog

* * *

and I've fixed the link to Jared's blog.

* * *

Also, here's my RSS feed:

* * *

Almost relatedly, here's a nice little thing from my buddies Joffre and Andy over at Silver Chair, a free subscription to their "Revenant Culture" zine.

I've seen a few of these laying around the office here and they look nice. I'll be sure and be getting my free ones.

Take care!

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