Monday, January 12, 2009

Return of the Jedi.

That is such a great movie. I love Star Wars and Return of the Jedi is just great.

I started writing the title for this blog post and couldn't think of a way to say, "Hey I'm back! No, for real, I am." -- somehow I wrote "return" and the next three logical words would be "of the Jedi" -- so, there you have a peek into the inner-workings of my mind : all roads lead to Star Wars, one way or another.

All that to say, I am back. For those of you who may not have known, the last few months I've spent most all of my free-time completing a story for Flight 6. If you're unfamiliar with the Flight anthologies, you can familiarize yourself with these amazing collection here.

I'm ridiculously honored to have been asked to contribute to this project and I did my best to throw everything I had into it.

I can't post too much about it but in the coming days I'll post a bit of my work, drawings, paintings, and such.

My story is an adaptation of the life of Larry Walters. I was so struck by Larry's story : Here was a man who wanted his whole life to fly. Walters was unable to be a pilot due to his poor eyesight so what does he do? He collects helium tanks and weather balloons, ties them to a lawn chair, and sets sail. That is amazing. Pure and simple, amazing invention. What gets me is that the first thing that happened as he roared upward (at about 1,000 feet a minute) is that he lost his glasses. So what did he see up there? That's what I wanted to explore.

My story takes you through the day of the flight, a couple childhood flashbacks, and what happens after take-off. I'm at liberty to post a little so here are some. The sky is very much an active character in my adaptation :

My story is 42 pages. I'll post more information about Flight 6 as it becomes available.

Also, thanks to those of you who have expressed concern about my shoulder -- it's a stupid thing. I dislocated it in a mildly aggressive fashion about five years and it's happened about once a year (sometimes, if I've been lucky -- once every six months) this past time I did it right before Christmas. It was great.

One final update, thanks to you who helped Erin out with a vote back a few weeks ago -- I'll be getting a drawing together in the next few days.



Ferdi said...

Good to have you back! Will the Dutchies be able to order Flight 6?

Anonymous said...

Glad you have 'Returned'!
Your teasers from Flight are sweet. I love my copy of Ticket, so I'm looking forward to having an excuse to buy my 1st Flight book. Peace!

ponzo said...

sweet lord i cant wait for that

Cory said...

To Ferdi - I think so? Flight is in every bookstore here in America and online I'm sure you could order it. And to answer your previous question, yes! We are working on a European trip, skipping up through the Netherlands and such. Hopefully sometime in a year. We'll see how it goes!

To Will - Awesome! Flight is a spectacular collection, I stumbled across vol 2 a couple years ago. They are just great.

To Ponzo - Me neither.