Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Old Woman in the Wood.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've begun final work on "Grimm and Other Folks Tales."

I can honestly tell you that I've never been more proud of work that I've been able to do so far.

I wanted to pass along some of that work, the second piece I thought of but the first one I set in order. There are ten pieces in total and I don't know if why but there's an order to them. Maybe not for anyone else but they seem right to my eye in a certain order. So, here's the first from thumbnail, rough, color comp, to finished drawing.

The Old Woman in the Wood :

Now you may have noticed that there is not an old woman in this wood. No, it's a prince who was turned into a tree by the old woman of the wood. This more complete excerpt from Wikipedia :

A poor servant girl traveled with the family she served when robbers attacked them. She hid behind a tree, but no one else survived. She lamented her fate, and a dove came to her, with a golden key. It told her to unlock a tree, and she found food. In the evening, it brought her another key, for a tree with a bed. She lived like this for many days, when the dove asked her to do something for it. She agreed. It told her to go to a house and go in. An old woman would greet her, but she should not answer; she should open an inner door, which will reveal a room full of splendid rings, but she should take a plain one.

The old woman was quite angry, but the girl did not heed her. Then, when she could not see the plain ring, she saw the old woman trying to carry off a bird cage. She took the bird cage away from her; it held a bird, which held the plain ring in its beak. She took it outside and waited against a tree. Two branches turned into arms about her as the tree turned into a handsome man who kissed her and told her that the witch had turned him into a tree, and for two hours a day, a dove, and she had freed him. All his attendants turned back from trees as well, and he being a king's son, they went to his father's kingdom and married.

* * *

Work goes very well on the show. I have all of my under-drawings done and I have the final drawings done for 6 of my 10 pieces. My goal is to be done with the drawing by the end of February.

* * *

The Prince in the Tree
from the Old Woman in the Wood

* * *

Next post : SchneeweiƟchen, or Snow White.


Steven said...

Good luck! Looks good so far.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about seeing the rest of these pieces! What you've shown so far is excellent.

I've always admired the gracefulness of your line work in general, and in this sketch, it's especially beautiful. Great composition, too. I keep coming back to study it.

Koldo Barroso said...

There's a classical and untangible beauty in this work, it's hard to describe but it's magical and it's there. It's alive!

Cory said...

Hey, thank you all very much!