Friday, March 20, 2009

The surprise before the show - Supplemental drawing 1/10 - The Old Woman in the Wood

In my last post I mentioned I had a surprise in store before the show.

I started thinking what must it be like to not see final work post after post, all the momentum, all the foundation for each piece, but no pay-off.

I felt like I had been asking a lot of everyone to stick with me and through each piece without showing you all the final work. So. I wanted to do something as a way to thank all of you who have been there with me and been enjoying the posts.

Here's what I've secretly been working on :

Supplemental drawings for each of the ten pieces.

Basically, small companion pieces to be posted one a day leading up to the opening of the exhibition.

I took another moment from each of the stories and made a new drawing. Consider this my humble thank you for sticking with me through all the posts without seeing any final work (yet!)

These small drawings have been tremendous fun for me and they've also worked as a sort of decompression from the intense work of getting the show together these past few weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

* * *

Original post :
The Old Woman in the Wood.

She lamented her fate but a dove came to her with a golden key.

* * *

Next post : "Mirror, Mirror."


Liz Jones said...

So beautiful! Glad you're posting these! Are you going to post the finishes after the exhibit is over? (for those of us who can't get there...)

Cory said...

Hey Liz, yes definitely, I'll be updating all of the posts the day after the show and posting all of the finished works.

Anonymous said...

An Idea: You could do a quick video-camera walk-through of the show (like the one you did at Comic-Con). Since you will obviously be busy, you could have someone else do the camera work.

Cory Godbey said...

Dude! That is an excellent idea!

I'd thought of doing a video tour through all the pieces sort of like the Ticket video over on the sidebar. Adding a walk through of show itself is a great idea!