Monday, April 13, 2009

Ticket : sold out.

Like the title reads : Ticket is sold out. Just wanted to thank you guys for supporting the book!

I suppose there's always the vague possibility we might run a second edition at some indefinite point in the future but until that day I suppose you'll have to console yourself with this video :

Thank you all again.


nicholas said...

Congrats Cory! I missed out! If you ever reprint I will totally buy one. Can't believe I missed out...
They look fantastic.

will kelly said...

I got mine last summer.
And I thank you for signing it.
It will be on my bookshelf for a lonnnng time.
Thanks for making cool art.


Mmm... could the second edition arrive to Spain!? It seems so magic. Gorgeous Cody. Congratulations for have such hands&fantasy. Greetz! :)

James said...

Another request for a reprint. This was one of the next items on my buy list.

Amber said...

Please reprint!