Friday, August 21, 2009

painting in oils - 4

With this new stage in the painting I threw caution to the wind and glazed blue, an unadvised step but one that I think has won out in the subsequent steps that will be posted the following week.

Before the blue.

During the blue.

Post blue glaze, eye area cleaned of blue glaze. Kind of makes them terrifying.


Finally, since I had lost some of my highlights in earlier glazing stages I decided to go back and reintroduce certain highlights, namely the forehead, eyes, nose and left side of the face; lightly.

Next post : Warm it up a little already! I decided to re-glaze the red and warm some of the blue glaze. From there I went to doing my final pass at the highlights (since I obliterated them in the coming next stage) and started final detail work.


Sam said...

this in-process series of posts is great! I especially like seeing the different iterations of the work. I love that blue.

Cory Godbey said...

Thanks, Sam!